Sunday, September 23, 2012

September MyGlam (Ipsy) Bag!

Here's a look at the September MyGlam (now Ipsy) Bag!

The first item in this months bag was, yet another, Circus by Andreas Choice Nail Polish. This time I received a purple/magenta color called Tightrope. (To know more about these polishes and the company owner go here! )

Next up was an eyeshadow from Marbella, in the color Semiformal. This shade is a somewhat coppery bronze. Very neutral and gorgeous.

The next item I pulled out of the bag was the Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer. I haven't used this product yet, but once I do, expect I full review of it! This product is supposed to bind together (temporarily) your frayed/split ends.
  This next product I'm unfortunately not a fan of. It's a Jane Sparkle Gloss. To me this lip gloss is just too sticky, and although very pretty, it just does not work well for my skin tone. Too hot pink for me!
Lastly is the item that wasn't in the bag (it was too big). I received a SOHO smudge brush. I actually really like this brush, although I don't use it for it's main intention. I use it to blend in my concealer! I did try it for eyeshadow once and it does work wonderfully, But I found that I like to blend in my under eye concealer with it more.The only downfall of this brush, that I've found, is that it's not made quite well. I noticed that brush makes cracking noises towards the top every time I use it. I almost sounds like it's going to snap off! Other than that, it really is a nice brush.

That's it for September! Leave your opinions of this bag down below! :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Beige

The fall season has arrived! And so has the new fall line for Maybelline. Recently Maybelline released their new limited edition collection of Color Tattoo Eyeshadows called "Scene on the Runway" for fall 2012. There are four new eyeshadow shades, each of which are earthy and fall appropriate tones. Out of all four I managed to get my hands on the lightest shade, "Barely Beige".

Barely Beige is a shimmery champagne color.  I find it very similar to Urban Decay's eyeshadows Virgin and Sin if they are blended together. It's truly a gorgeous shade.

(worlds worst swatch :P)

 Because these are limited edition for this fall season, I suggest you get your butt out there to snatch them up ASAP! I found it very hard to find this collection in the stores around my area, they seem to be selling out rather fast. I wish this particular shade was in the permanent line, i would definitely repurchase it when I run out. I may just go grab a back up soon . 
What do you think of "Scene on the Runway"?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!
-Sami xx

Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Bedroom Sign!

Hello everyone! I thought I would share with you a little DIY project I've been working on for the last two days. At the moment I have family visiting from North Carolina and my cousin asked me if I could make a sign for her sons' bedroom. Here's what we came up with!

Sadly the colors aren't picking up well since this picture was taken on my iPod. It was a really simple project, it only took me about maybe 4 hours. Most of that time was just letting the paint dry.  The words "Dream Big" are a mixture of navy blue, hunter green, crimson red, and white. Also, I found the font on Google. Then the background is varying shades of brown. Originally the background was supposed to look like coffee stains but somehow it turned out looking like wood! Even though it looks a bit differently then planned, we are still very satisfied with the way it turned out :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August MyGlam Bag!

I've been subscribed to MyGlam from its' very start, and now that I have a blog I will be making monthly posts about each bag. For those of you who do not know what MyGlam is, it's basically a beauty subscription service where every month you receive a makeup bag filled with about 5 (sometimes more or less) beauty related samples or full sized products to test out. The bag is only ten dollars a month. So without further adieu, here's August!

Here is an overall view of the bag:
Now here's the products!:
(please excuse the beat up looking window sill they're on, it's the best lighting I could find :P )

1. Eclos Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream
Sample Size: .25 Fl 0z
Full Size: 2.0 Fl 0z
This anti-aging cream claims to tighten sagging skin and postponed wrinkles by revitalizing your own skins stem cells. It's unlikely that I'll see any results from this product seeing as I'm only 18, so I'm no where near getting wrinkles! But it's always nice to start early and try products like these out :)

2. Eclos Cellular Activator Facial Serum
Sample Size: 0.5 Fl 0z
Full Size: 1.7 Fl 0z
Another anti-aging product from Eclos. This serum is meant to give you a more youthful complexion by visibly reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging. 
3. Demeter Roll on Perfume Oil
Full size: 0.29 Fl 0z
(There are multiple sizes for this product, the bag included the full size for the roll on)
This was one of MyGlams "or" products. You either received the clean skin scent (like I did) or a dragon fruit scent. I was hoping I would get the dragon fruit scent, as I'm not one for this kind, but the clean skin is very nice. I'm not that great with describing scents, but I can say that this one has somewhat of a baby powder smell. It's not my cup of tea, but it's not terrible.

4. S.A.L.T.Y. Cosmetics Glama-ZOID Eye Shadow

Sample Size: 1gram
Large Size: 2.5 grams
Small Size: 1.25 grams
This mineral eyeshadow was created as a exclusive MyGlam shade! I really like this eyeshadow. At first glance it looks just like your typical white or subtle light pick shadow, but a closer look reveals that it actually has a hot pink duo-chrome effect! It reminds me a lot of the Naked Cosmetics stacked pigments. It can definitely see myself using this as an inner corner or brow brown highlight!

5. Circus by Andreas Choice Nailcolor
If you are subscribed to MyGlam and received last months bag, this should be your second Circus nail polish! This brand was created my AndreasChoice, here's a link to her Youtube channel . This time we had the option of either a bright neon orange polish named Spectacle (which you see above) or a neon hot pink named Ringmaster. My camera definitly doesn't do this polish justice, it had a hard time picking up the color. In person this nail polish is insanely bright orange, i love it! This line of nail polish is not available to purchase at the moment, the only way to receive one is to be subscribed to MyGlam. They will however be available in the fall, so it wont be long now! If you would like to read more about the company or see other colors, here's the website:

6. MyGlam exclusive Glam Gloss

 There was an extra 6th item in this months bag! An exclusive MyGlam Glam Gloss. There is no information about this gloss on the MyGlam website so I have no idea if it's full size (I'm assuming it is) or if there are other colors. The color I received was in 01. It's a light bubble gum pink and it actually smells like bubble gum! The pigmentation is great so it could definitely be worn alone.

That's it for this months bag! Overall I really liked this month. My favorite item is definitely the nail polish. It's so bright, I love it! If you're interested in subscribing to MyGlam I'll have the website linked below, although I'm not sure if they are taking new subscribers at the moment. Also, if you use a beauty subscription service leave the name in the comments below! I'd love to see what other ones are out there. I may be subscribing to Birchbox next!

MyGlam website:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Review: Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect concealer, and after hearing tons of people rave over the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer palette I had to try it! I originally tried this concealer out for the first time almost over a year ago and I loved it. For some reason I never repurchased it until now. This concealer runs for around 10 dollars and is available at Target. It contains three types of concealer and one finishing powder. There is one light and one dark shade which can very easily be mixed to get your perfect color. Although if you have a much darker skin tone neither of the colors in the palette will probably work for you. The third color is a green concealer used to combat redness.

The consistency of these concealers isn't very creamy, it's actually a bit dry to me. But the more you warm it up between your fingers the creamier it can become. I believe this would work very well for those with oily skin because of it's consistency, but those with dry skin will fair well with it too.

The  coverage is very nice if you aren't looking for a very full coverage concealer. I mean it does cover up quite a lot but if you're trying to cover up something like severe acne, it's not enough. It's wonderful for the under eye area. The darker colored concealer has a slight peachy tone on lighter skin, so if you're pale like me mixing it with the lighter color really gets rid of those dark under eyes!

The setting powder is wonderful. It's smooth and doesn't appear cakey on the skin.

Overall I find this concealer wonderful and would recommend it! What's your favorite concealer? -Sami xx

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Direction Inspired Fashion!

A few days ago I was on and stumbled across a picture of Harry Styles. That got me thinking that I should make some One Direction inspired outfits for the summer! So here's what I came up with, plus some bonus Eleanor Calder and Danielle Peazer at the end!

Here's the boys!

 I think Eleanor wore this when she was at the airport. ( Correct me if I'm wrong please)
Danielle's outfit from when she danced in the Jubilee.

I hope you've enjoyed these! I know a lot of people like Eleanor's outfits so if you want me to do more please feel free to request which ones in the comment section below, I'll try my best to make them :) I'll take outfit requests from anyone else as well! xx -Sami

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: Elizabeth Arden Daily Moisture Lotion

A few weeks ago I was browsing through a selection of Elizabeth Arden products on a trip to TJMaxx and came across the Daily Moisture Lotion. I've been looking for a good moisturizer for quite some time now and since I could get this one for half off (retails for $39.99 and I got it for $19.99) I thought I should give it a try.

I'm not sure how well this will work for every skin type, but for my normal to dry skin it works very well! The formula is lightweight so it won't feel heavy or thick on the skin. After applying, my skin feels very soft and smooth. It's really lovely! This lasts pretty well for me throughout the day. I haven't noticed my skin becoming dry again at all. Also a nice little bonus, this moisturizer has SPF 15 to protect your skin from the sun!

I have only two minor complaints about this product. The first is that there isn't a pump so in order to get the product out I have to either slowly pour the product onto my hand or dip a q-tip inside. The second is the smell. Since there's SPF in the moisturizer it does give off a sunscreen scent. It's not terrible but still not my favorite thing to smell like :P Of course these "flaws" aren't enough to take away from how awesome this product is!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Style!

Hello! I decided to start a little series of "Summer Style" posts. All of the outfits will be what I find to be in style or cute for the summer time. I created all of these "sets" on Here's the first of many! (I added background pictures/quotes and people so the sets did not seem dull *I do not own any image shown below*)

This outfit features a zip front crop/bustier top with a tribal design, studded high-waist shorts, Sam Edelman sandals, and a few wrap bracelets. The crop/bustier and high-waist shorts have been everywhere this summer, it's definitely a fast growing trend. Of course I can see why since it's absolutely adorable!  The shorts shown here are from They are quite expensive from what I've found on this website (the lowest runs around $135), thankfully you can find similar shorts for a cheaper price in many places. Urban Outfitters has a wide variety of high-waist shorts, as well as As for crop/bustier tops, I again suggest

Accessory wise I have been loving wrap bracelets and sandals like the ones shown above! I feel like sandals are a super cute way to play up an outfit. Personally flip flops with every outfit can seem a bit boring to me, sandals give just a little more to pull an everything together. I really love the light blue flower wrap bracelet from Forever21, the color works well with the top I've chosen and just screams summer.

What are your favorite summer outfits or trends? <3

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome to my blog!

Hello! I thought I should make my first blog post a little introduction for myself and my blog. My name's Sami, I'm 18 and this is my first real blog. I've tried this once in the past but never really kept up with it. So now I decided to start fresh with a new blog and keep it going. I've had an "obsession" with beauty and fashion for as long as I can remember, so why not blog about it?! I decided to start this blog as a way to entertain myself throughout the summer and as a nice past time or hobby for when I go off to college in the fall. Right now I do not have the best camera for higher quality pictures nor awesome blogging skills but I'm sure that will improve as this blogging journey continues. I will be reviewing everything with my honest opinion! I also want to hear your opinions on the products reviewed as well. If you've tried anything I review please feel free to leave a comment with your take on it! Thank you and welcome to my blog! <3