Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Direction Inspired Fashion!

A few days ago I was on Polyvore.com and stumbled across a picture of Harry Styles. That got me thinking that I should make some One Direction inspired outfits for the summer! So here's what I came up with, plus some bonus Eleanor Calder and Danielle Peazer at the end!

Here's the boys!

 I think Eleanor wore this when she was at the airport. ( Correct me if I'm wrong please)
Danielle's outfit from when she danced in the Jubilee.

I hope you've enjoyed these! I know a lot of people like Eleanor's outfits so if you want me to do more please feel free to request which ones in the comment section below, I'll try my best to make them :) I'll take outfit requests from anyone else as well! xx -Sami


  1. Love the El and Louis ones especially! The Zayn one reminds me a bit of Perrie's style which is cute.

    Great post xx :)

  2. these are uber cute x)i love eleanor calder's sweater and all the 1D outfits!!

    1. Thank you so much! I love the sweater too. If TopShop wasn't so expensive I'd probably buy it :P